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Issue №1 2017

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UDC 177.61

Vitali Turenko

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine



 The article is carried out analysis of the specific and features of the point of view of Plato on love and friendship in the context of its political dialogues, and it is the "Laws" and "Republic". It is proved that, in contrast to the classical Plato's works on love ("Symposium", "Lysis", "Phaedrus"), in political dialogues emphasis is on the union between man and woman. It illuminates the understanding of the ancient Greek thinker marital relationship as the only true act of love, as well as its fundamental importance not only in the personal context, but also in the state and society. However, it turns out that Plato realizes that the human is often difficult to come to such an understanding of love. According to him, it needs to be cleansed of fanatical passion that provoked hormonal instincts, which are present in a person's maturity. To prepare it for the reproductive needs of species - is to get as much as possible, and the need for sex will no longer be the driving force, and certainly will not be the main motivation in life. Ancient philosopher also stresses that the basis of friendship should not be something that has a volatile nature, but something spiritual, eternal and insurmountable, namely, this or that virtue.

 Keywords: Plato, "Republic", "Laws", love, friendship, philosophy of love, human, life, society, good.



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Corresponding author: Vitali Turenko

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